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orpheus_logo.jpegWelcome to the Orpheus Group

Applications are currently being accepted. Orpheus Group is a completely non-discriminatory Equal Opportunity Employer. All ages, races. religions, creeds. ethnic backgrounds, levels of ability or disability, levels of education, orientations, and identifications are welcome. Criminal background need not be a disqualifier. Nor should legal status as living or dead. Orpheus Group prides itself on being a second chance for many who might not find a place somewhere else.

ORPHEUS is a New Beginning.

Orpheus Group employs individuals in four major areas:
Sleepers – those who require the use of proprietary OG technology to project out from their bodies and gain access to the spirit world
Skimmers – those who, through various means, can leave their body and interact with both the physical realm and psychic sphere
Spirits – souls of the recently departed
Hues – souls of the recently departed who during their lifetime used the drug known as “Pigment” or “Black Heroin” to achieve ghost-sight

If you’ve tired of the normal tedium of life and are eager for a new chapter…
If you’re unsure of what’s next and trying to find your way…
If you want to push the boundaries and explore the dark corners, of the world and yourself…
Join Orpheus Group today.

Don’t Look Back

Home Page

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